Growing communities and improving outdoor spaces on estates

Urban Canopy is a partnership of gardeners and teachers that work with residents to improve green space, develop the community and build skill sets.

We believe that introducing a community gardening scheme to an estate can have many positive impacts for local residents.

Gardening activities offer a great opportunity to bring a diverse range of ages and ethnicities together around a common interest, while the green spaces developed together with the community help to bring a sense of pride and ownership of the local environment.

We have worked with tenant management organisations to improve the environment, and to help build communities on estates across London.
This has included working with residents to develop space as a community garden on Gilesmead Estate in Camberwell, as well as hosting monthly workshops in the garden for the residents, and a similar project on Downs Estate in Hackney.

We have created community orchards and arboretums, on Loughborough Estate in Brixton and on D’Eynsford Estate in Camberwell.

We also run regular gardening clubs where children and adults can develop gardening skills, and volunteer gardening sessions, aimed at improving green space and helping elderly or disabled residents with their gardens. For example, we work with the organisation Edible Avenue SW8 to delivery a weekly volunteer gardening session for residents of Carey Gardens, Savona and Patmore Estates in Battersea, while at the same time hosting an after-school gardening club for children at the local primary school.

Our work on estates always begins with engaging and consulting the community about what they would like to see taking place, before writing a proposal that works for that site and group of residents. If you’d like to speak to us about how we could work with you in future, please get in touch! Email and we can arrange a site visit.

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