Bancroft Science Garden Update

We’ve been working on Bancroft TMC Estate in Bethnal Green for a little while now, transforming a forgotten corner of the estate into a brand new educational space for families. Tucked away at the end of a residential road is a little fenced-off area that was once used as a area for dog training, but has been locked up for many years.

Last year the estate approached us and asked us to think of a way to put the space to use, in a way that could involve families with young children, and perhaps even some of the local primary schools. So we’ve been creating a Science Garden!

Included in the new Science Garden will be a native, wildlife-friendly hedge, mini wildflower meadow, raised beds for carrying out experimental growing, bird and bat boxes, herb beds, bird feeders, bug hotels, a mini pond and even a weather station where children can record things like rainfall amounts, air temperate and wind direction!

Today we installed a new picnic table, planted the hedge, built the frame for one of the bug hotels, and covered the ground with bark chipping. We are on track to complete the development work in time for some community events over the Easter school break, including workshops building the remaining animal and insect homes, and we’ll be celebrating with a big launch party. We will announce dates for all of this shortly 🙂

For now, we wanted to share a few before and after photos of the site from the day we found it, to how it looks today:

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