Patmore Forest Garden – Final Planting Day this Sunday!

This Sunday will be your final chance to join us on site at Patmore Forest Garden, to help us complete the planting of hundreds of edible plants!

We have already completed two planting sessions over the past fortnight, and we were joined by a huge crew of local kids, who amazed us with their enthusiasm for digging horse manure into the soil!

Once the final bit of ground was well prepared with the manure, we planted fruit trees, grape vines, hops, and started on some of the ground cover, such as wild strawberries and mint. Check out how busy everybody was:

This Sunday, we have hundreds of fruit bushes, flowering perennials and lots more ground cover to add. The plants have been chosen based on the principles of Forest Gardening, which means they will work together to boost soil fertility and attract pollinators, ensuring we get bumper crops of fruits, nuts, herbs and berries in future years! But we need your help to get all these plants into the ground! Come join us this Sunday, 8th March from 12 until 3pm. The garden is located on Patmore Estate, beside the playground between Stroudley House and Beattie House. Hope to see you there! 🙂

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