Nature Club

Nature Club took place at Roots and Shoots during the Easter school holidays in 2018. Roots and Shoots specialise in providing training for young people from the inner city, at their beautiful campus Kennington.

We’ve worked with Roots and Shoots previously, by hosting activities at their famous Frog Day in March 2018, and partnered with them later that year to host a special holiday club for children aged between 6 and 11. Over four days during the Easter school break, we welcomed children to the grounds of Roots and Shoots and together we got stuck in to a range of outdoor play, art, craft and gardening activities.

Children had a chance to learn about beekeeping and the ecosystem of the wildlife pond, thanks to David, Roots and Shoots’ resident ecology expert.  They explored lots of horticultural practices, from seed sowing, propagation by cuttings, plant identification and seed harvesting.

Then we got our hands dirty with paint, creating screen prints using leaves we collected from the gardens and by painting terracotta pots. We also took flower pressings, made bird feeders and created spring wreaths!

‘Nature Club’ is all about making excuses for children to spend time outdoors, playing with their friends, while accidentally learning loads about plants, wildlife and ecology! It’s a format we’ve adopted to work in various settings, especially as after-school clubs on housing estates, such as at D’Eynsford TMO in Camberwell and Hackney Downs Estate.

Nature Club Leaflet Front.jpg

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